Salon Direct Program

Don't loose your clients to Med Spas and Doctor's Offices

Learn how to offer our amazing “Painless Facelift” with absolutely no Needles to your clients. In less than 15 minutes you can completely treat your trusted customer's faces and get even better results for often less than half the cost most Med Spa or Doctor’s offices would charge. That is unless of course you are competing with other Regen Esthetics providers.

The best part is that your Clients will come back for more treatments every 4-8 weeks and Regen Esthetics will offer you terms.

What do we mean by terms?

Qualify Fast & Get Products

With "NO CREDIT BUREAU INQUIRY" in just a couple of minutes we can qualify our new accounts so that we can send them Regen Esthetics products with up to 45 days to pay without interest. We know it takes time to build any new business relationship.

Get Up & Running in 1 Week

By offering our new clients Terms with "Zero" interest we can add a new profit center to your business and have you up and running in less than a week. *

Ready to get started with the Salon Direct Program?